NTU EMBA Will be hosting NTU President Cup Basketball Tournament.  Due to outstanding and classy performance from last year, team GMBA is being invited to participate in the tournament again.  First time participating in the tournament Last Year, we fortunately walked away with 2nd place.  Please save time and come root for our very own GMBA team. 12/30~12/31 held in NTUH GYM.  If you’re a talented Basketball team player, please contact our GMBA Basketball ambassador, Edward Wang 王德鼎.

trip down memory lane, Sharing 3 photos from the GMBA R96 Batch


Date: 11/25/2023 (Saturday)

Time: 18:00 PM ~ 21:00 PM

Location: to be announced (Baba Kevin, Redpoint or TGI Fridays)

Please Save Date, Location will be confirmed later.

This will be a co-host event by GMBA SC and GMBA AA



GMBA AA email: alumnintugmba@gmail.com



Time: 11/12/2023 (Sunday)  17:30 ~ 22:00 PM

Location: 台灣大學醫院體育館 台北市中正區仁愛路一段1號https://maps.app.goo.gl/L3fcVafG99JBeBte6?g_st=il


Venue: GMBA’s “Coach, I Wanna Play Ball”  教練,  我想要打球

We have rented the entire gym in which we will have half the gym for basketball event and the other half covering 4 badminton courts.

Registration Fees: for Basketball Event 700 NT with Referees and 350 NT for Badminton w/o referees.  If you’re new and need a GMBA basketball jersey made it will be an additional 800 NT (Double Sided customized with your name & # to keep).


Like Previous Years, we will have TGI Fridays and Texas Roadhouse sponsor some gift vouchers to their restaurants for the winning teams (players).  All participating players will have a memorabilia GMBA Sports Metal.  We will provide sports drinks and water at the venue.  Players gets to enjoy indoor courts with AC entirely booked by GMBA family for this event.  We will even have professional referees be responsible for facilitating some of the sports games.

Basketball: This year, we’re going to have it Family Style, Females Players and Beginners are all very welcomed.  There will be no preassembled team.  Come 30 minutes prior for Live Team Draft.

We target to have 4 teams (hopefully 24 + players with 6+ players on each team), and in order to have a more fair and completive game, we will have our Stronger players (ie. our previous MVPS) be our team captains respectfully.  They will take turns picking their team members, we all play to win; however, keep in mind this is only a friendly tournament and we are GMBA family.

Teams: Depending on amount of players signed up for the event, we will break into 4 teams and captains of each team will pick players in “Snake Draft Order” Just like Drafting in Fantasy Basketball.  Team G, M, B, A.  Team G will have the 1st pick, followed by Teams, M,B,A, while team A will have back-to-back 4th and the 5th pick again, B have the 6th pick, A have the 7th pick, while team G will have the 8th and 9th pick respectively. Captains will Rock Paper Scissors to determine picking order.

Game Format:

Every Players Plays at least 10 minutes Each Game
40 Minutes running clock (clock does not stop):
8 minutes per quarter, 4 quarters
24 second shot clock resets to 14 seconds on all defensive violations, fouls, kicked ball. Only on a jump ball not caused by the defense, shot clock resets to 14 second.
Time outs, clock will be stopped.
According to FIBA national rules (other than the stated above, clock will not be stopped to ensure progression of our games)
There will be a 30 seconds break end of each quarter, 1 minute break during the half time, and 30 seconds time out (each team is allowed to have one time out each half)The game clock stops on any dead ball during the final 2 minutes of regulation if the competing teams are within 8 points or less of one another.
Each team will receive a 2 minute warm-up time before the start of each game.
If the competition schedule becomes more than 20 minutes behind, this 2 minute warm-up may be eliminated.
Halftime is only 30 seconds if we are behind schedule, 1 minute if we are on schedule
Clock stops only in the final 24 seconds of each quarter and the final 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.
2 timeouts per game, 1 each half, no timeouts awarded for overtime OT • Each timeout and quarter break is 24 seconds; run the shot clock during these.Rules & Regulations
•  Team that wins opening tip gets ball in 1st and 4th quarters. If timeout called before advancing ball, advance ball to half court for in-bound. Advance-to-half court for timeouts is only applicable in the final 2:00 of 4th+OT.
•  Can only pass into backcourt from out-of-bounds with 2:00 remaining in 4th.
•  All violations result in taking the ball out from the side, free-throw line extended.
•  8 seconds to cross half court (use shot clock as your guide — 0:16).
•  5 fouls per quarter results in double-bonus (2 FTs).
•  Unsportsmanlike conduct technical fouls do not count as a personal foul.
•  5 personal fouls and/or 1 technical fouls for disqualification.
•  If 5th available man fouls out, he remains in the game and technical FT is issued, shoot 2 FTs plus get possession.
•  Clear-path foul = not a technical, but shoot 2 FTs plus get possession.
•  Timeout called without any remaining is a team technical plus loss of possession.
•  In the case of a tie-game, 1 three-minute extra period will be played. If a tie remains after this period, double over-time sudden death (next basket wins).
•  Profanity, racism, sexism, discrimination, heckling, and insults are not condoned and will be dealt with accordingly. The school reserves the right to warn, suspend, or expel players from the games and from the campus based on behavior at any-time.
•  If a player accrues 1 technical foul, he/she will be disqualified from the tournament completely. Unless, the technical foul acquired is a result of accruing more than 5 fouls in a contest.
•  All rules are subject to interpretation by referees and NTU GMBA staff on-site

(Rules vs Female players: Gentlemen Rule, no physical contacts at all times, no Steals and can’t raise hand during defense.)

Badminton: Masaru’s Rough estimate for badminton: 16pairs, 32people. for 4courts.


We welcome GMBA alumni and students with any format of sponsorship to promote their brands and enhance quality of this event.  For further question, please contact:

Masaru Nagatsuka (Badminton Coordinator) or

Edward Wang 王德鼎 (Basketball Coordinator)

On Sept 8th, 2023, All Ten Teams of NTU School of Management had a captain’s meeting today including: 105 Lions, 108 Super Eights, 109 Hot Chicks, Class of 111, Class of 112, 76ers, GMBA, 台旦 warriors, and NTU Alumni Team. Co-Captain Greg and Edward 王德鼎 attended this meeting on behalf of Team GMBA.

NTU Presidential Cup Basketball Games are scheduled 12/30~31

Captains of each teams discuss topics including: Game Schedule, Game Duration, Player Qualifications, and Gaming Rules.

Stay tuned for further updates and please save your dates to come ROOT for Team GMBA.


(9/8),中午12:15 將招開2023會長盃籃球賽第一次領隊會議,將討論:







🏊‍♂️ Join the Splash-tastic NTU 74th Swimming Competition! 🏊‍♀️

Forward for SC, Hey GMBAer,

Hope you’re all doing great! We’ve got an exciting event coming up that we think you’ll love – the NTU 74th Swimming Competition! It’s a fantastic opportunity to have some fun and show off our swimming skills. 🌊

📅 Date: October 14, 2023 (Saturday)
🕐 Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
📍 Location: NTU Outdoor Swimming Pool

The competition offers three categories: Men, Women, and Mixed. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just looking for a good time, there’s a spot for you. 🏆

Simply fill out the Google Sheet linked below to register your interest.

Let’s represent GMBA and make some waves at this event! 💪

**FYI, GMBA won a prize on last year, it a fun competition, not that serious**

Forward for SC:
Dear GMBAers,
Are you excited to meet your new classmates? Join us for a game night!
This team-building activity is a great opportunity for you to mingle while enjoying games, food, and drinks!
During these 4 hours, you will be able to play as many games as you want, and soft drinks will be provided for free to keep you hydrated~
It is also possible to order cocktails, french fries, and chicken nuggets on-site!
📅 Saturday 9th of September
🕐 6pm-10pm
📍桌麻吉: https://goo.gl/maps/pcEB5tZNkZbK1Xr89
🚅 Gongguan MRT station
💵 300NTD
See you soon~
Registration deadline: Thursday 7th


~ Open Space ~

This year we invite alumni and student club leaders to take part in the GMBA Orientation for Open Space. Share a QR code of each LINE group for Office to create a PPT slide.

——- Suggested arrival time
15:20 Networking with new students during coffee break

——- Main tasks of each booth
– Edward, Kai and Charlie:
Topics related to【GMBA AA】&【GMBA Clash of the Classes Basketball Tournament】.

– Chiawei:
Topics related to【GMBA SC】in the structure, vision and the coming events, including the SC election in December.

– Masaru:
Topics related to【GMBA Badminton Club】and the coming training sessions in Fall semester.

– Youshimasa:
Topics related to【GMBA Soccer Team】and the practicing hours/location.

– Mike, Wayne & Jocy
Topics related to【GMBA Golf Club】and the coming Golf competition with GMBA AA.

– Ansem & Andrea & Scarlett:
Topic related to 【Dragonboat Team】and when to recruit rowers for the competition in June 10, 2024.

– Jeffrey:
【Sports & Entertainment】is a new club for those who like to watch LIVE sports games in big Taipei areas.


A Huge thanks to the GMBA Office, R11 Supporting Squad, and all the alumnus for making the trip back to school to help out.  We sincerely appreciate you!

Also Thanks to GMBA Alumni Association for sponsoring the afternoon Tea 一芝軒 麻糬 Mochi and welcoming our young blood R12 to our GMBA family





Date : Sep 9th (Saturday)
Teeoff Time : 12:12
Price : 3150NTD
Location : Sun City Golf (山溪地球場) http://www.suncitygolf.com.tw/tw/

Huge thanks to Michael Tam 譚寶豪 our GMBA Golf Ambassador in coordination with GMBA AA President, Edward Wang 王德鼎 for today’s event planning.  Also, special thanks to GMBA Alumni Association for partly sponsoring this wonderful event by providing customized GMBA Golf balls. Our GMBA Golf Champ, Henry Huang 黃元彥 lead our way to finished the game shooting only 74 at pro level. Most importantly, thank you to Our GMBA golfers and guests for showing up to enjoy a fantastic day at SunCity Golf Course in Hsinchu followed by an warm dinner gathering at the golf club.




Presented to you by your beloved GMBA-SC

Welcome GMBAers to the new semester that is about to begin!
Of course, it is our tradition to welcome you all with another WELCOME BACK PARTY!
It is a perfect opportunity to mingle and make friends with your classmates and even some of the alumni 😃
Sign up today because the seats are LIMITED! FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!
Date: Sunday, September 17th
Time: 5:00 to 8:00 PM
Venue: Redpoint Taproom
Address: 132號, Section 2, Fuxing S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/sYTBdDopKsPranh28
Dress Code: Casual
Price: NTD 500 (You can pay via bank transfer or through any Student Council member)
*The ticket includes 2 beers and plenty of finger foods!
Register here: https://forms.gle/4a9qQa6mmnevntQP6