The Committee Members of the GMBA Alumni Association:

  • Edward Wang, President
  • Allen Houng, VP of Technology, (Director)
  • Joseph Sun, VP of Treasury, (Director)
  • Ivan Liu, VP of Continual Education, (Director)
  • Kai Shang, VP of Public Relations, (Director)
  • Casey Wang, VP of Promotion, (Director)
  • Cherry Hsu, VP of Event Management, (Director)
  • Manuel Guillermo Edghill, VP of Partnership Management, (Director)
  • Jessica C. Sun, VP of Communication, (Director)
  • Karen Chang, VP of Fund Raising, (Director)
  • Sally Ko, VP of Administration, (Director)
  • Peter Lee, VP of Career Development, (Director)
  • Stella Chang, VP of Legal, (Supervisor)
  • John Chao, VP of Social Impact, (Supervisor)
  • Samuel Krushnisku, VP of Strategy, (Supervisor)

Alumni Directory:
The GMBA Alumni Directory will allow the members of the GAA to stay in touch with each other and is a comprehensive database with the most up to date contact information of the GMBA alumni. Only members of the GMBA Alumni Association will be given access to the GMBA Alumni Directory. Please become a member of the GMBA Alumni Association to gain your access to the GMBA Alumni Directory and help us grow our GMBA matrix.