GAA (Global-MBA Alumni Association)

About Us:

The GMBA Alumni Association (GAA) is the official association for the GMBA alumni in Taiwan and around the world. The GAA exists to help the GMBA alumni to stay connected to not only the National University of Taiwan (NTU), but also to each other, as well as the existing GMBA members and the other GMBA alumni around the world.

As a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization, the GAA offers opportunities to build and enhance the GMBA alumni networks, to contribute back to the society, to connect with the diverse social and business networks worldwide, and to provide a bridge back to GMBA and NTU. The GAA is member-focused and is directed towards supporting the needs of all present and future of the alumni of GMBA.

Our Mission:

The mission of the GAA is to create, maintain, and enhance lifelong relationship between the alumni of GMBA, the GMBA and the NTU and foster interest and support as partners in each other’s success. The GAA is dedicated to achieve its mission by:

· enhancing and strengthening communication between and among the GMBA community, which consists of the current GMBA students, the alumni, the GMBA Office and the NTU;

· encouraging the alumni to be lifelong stewards and participants in the GMBA community;

· building, developing, maintaining, updating and managing the accurate and up to date GMBA alumni database and provide access of such database to all members of the GAA;

· building, strengthening and maintaining strong and meaningful ties between the GMBA alumni, the GMBA community, friends and family;

· providing a platform for the GMBA alumni residing overseas to engage and connect with the other GMBA alumni who live in the same region and build and establish the oversea GMBA networks.