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Dear GMBAers, The Outstanding GMBA Alumni Awards aims to give public recognition to outstanding NTU […]
This message is from Western Digital recruiting team for Taiwan.Western Digital, the […]
Noodoe is looking for a Partner Program Manager and a new PR/Media […]
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Welcome to the official website for the Global MBA of National Taiwan University. We’re happy that you’re here. If you’re a current student, please reach out to your student association representative on how to get involved. If you’re an alumni, please sign up for an account in the account page.

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Meet Our Board

Meet our board of alumni that have worked together to bring this association together!

Edward Wang

Alumni Association PresidentJob 

Liv Chen

2021 Student Council President

Allen Houng

VP of Technology

Joseph Sun

VP of Treasury

Ivan Liu

VP of Continual Education

Sally Ko

VP of Administration

John Chao

VP of Social Impact

Cherry Hsu

VP of Events Management

Stella Chang

VP of Legal

Kai Shang

VP of Public Relations

Jessica C. Sun

VP of Communications

Manuel Guillermo Edghill

VP of Partnership Management

Karen Chang

VP of Fund Raising

Casey Wang

VP of Promotions

Peter Lee

VP of Career Development

Samuel Krushnisky

VP of Strategy