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10/21/2022 NTU GMBA vs NTU EMBA Basketball Game 南湖高中

October 21, 2022 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

On 10/21/2022, GMBA Basketball Team was invited to participate in two preseason warm-up basketball games between NTU GMBA and NTU EMBA @ 南湖高中. Huge thanks to Greg Tang from First Batch GMBA, R95 and our GMBA Alumni Association President 臺灣大學GMBA校友會-理事長 Edward Wang 王德鼎 R96 for constantly coordinating with EMBA Basketball Squad to get us the free facilitated invitation to play scrimmage with the EMBA Basketball Team.  Both games came very close ranging from 1~3 points respectively in final scores.  Again, we really appreciate our EMBA big brothers for bringing us back to school, and demonstrating that our age is just a number & We sincerely thank our EMBA for kindly hosting these facilitated games at 南湖高中.

Meanwhile, we look forward two future coming events: 11/26/2022 GMBA Clash of the Classes Basketball Tournament (held at 大安運動中心).  Where we will have a GMBA-Red & and GMBA-Blue team going against head-to-head with a teams from NCCU IMBA led by Jim and another team representing NTU EMBA lead by Bryan.

& 12/17-18 NTU Presidential Cup (held at 臺大醫學院體育館) where there will be more than TEN TEAMS representing their respective classes within school of management.

Come and root for our GMBA teams.GMBA, Let’s Gooooooo


Below is a Recap of our two games video between GMBA & EMBA for future strategic studies references. (J/K)




October 21, 2022
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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