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11/12/2023 台灣大學GMBA籃球賽 羽球賽 NTU GMBA Clash Of the Classes Basketball and Badminton Tournament Co-Hosted by SC Masaru Chiawei and AA Edward 王德鼎

November 12, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

2023 GMBA “Clash of the Classes”

On the chilly evening of November 12th, the GMBA’s basketball tournament, “Clash of the Classes” once again unfolded its narrative. Originally featuring four teams however, due to last-minute injuries and class delays, consolidation happened the four teams into three formidable teams— Team Greg, Team Tony, and Team Ian , as GTI tournament AKA very fast pace tournament.

The format of tournament ensured every player’s involvement. Each team played against the other two teams then, with the elimination team’s breakup allowing the top-performing team to make the first pick, guaranteeing each participant three games.

The tournament kicked off as Team G, led by Greg, faced Team I, helmed by Ian, in an intense match. First game ended with a 29:35 score, where Team I won. The second game was Team I against Team T, such a neck-and-neck competition, ending 33:39 score, won by Team T. The next playoff was Team G and Team T, another intensive game, where Team T exhibited unwavering determination, securing another victory by 45:51 scores.

With team G facing two defeats, team I securing a win against Team G but stumbling against Team T, and Tony’s team triumphing in both matches. The final stage was set for a championship showdown between Teams T and I. As Team T won two games, they picked the player from Team G first and then Team I picked as the second in sequence order, so that everyone had a chance to play three games. The chilling weather mirrored the competition’s intensity as Team T emerged victorious with a resounding 68 against 43, claiming the championship.

The event unfolded professionally and successfully with the support of the referees and assistants. We also would like to express our appreciation to our Student Council team for organizing such an amazing event. This tournament once again demonstrated that beyond the scoresheet, sports embody teamwork, resilience, sportsmanship, and friendships. This unique blend made the event more than a series of games, it became a celebration of resilience and teamwork in the face of unexpected challenges. Moreover, this year, in collaboration with the GMBA Student Council, we broadened further by including the badminton tournament. The enthusiastic response from students signals a promising future for GMBA sporting events, aiming to strengthen connections among students and alumni.
With this, we are excitedly anticipating the 2024 GMBA sports day. (Script: Scarlett R11)

Special Thanks to our sponsors of this event TGI Fridays & Texas Roadhouse for kindly providing gift certificates to their restaurants for the winner of our sports.  Also Special thanks to Masaru (GMBA Badminton Ambassador), Chiawei (GMBA Student Council President), along with Edward Wang 王德鼎 (GMBA Alumni Association President/ GMBA Basketball Coordinator) and most importantly, THANK YOU to all those showed support by participating in our GMBA Clash of the Classes Sporting Tournaments.  Additionally, HUGE thanks to Professor Edward Hsieh for kindly attending our events consecutively awarding our winners with their metals and trophies.

Furthermore, thanks to our GMBA Team: Yuta & Piggy for their kind assistance: here are some of the photos from Sports tournament last night:


For those who are interested in reviewing ur personal highlights or Shaqinafool moments all games were recorded per following links:





November 12, 2023
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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