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9/4/2022 GMBA Orientation for R11 Batch Open Space followed by Welcome Dinner

September 4, 2022 @ 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

~ Alumni arrival time & tasks ~

This year we invite alumni to take part in the GMBA Orientation for the following session & event.
1. Open space
2. Welcome dinner

——- Suggested arrival time
Lunch hour (12:00-12:40)
A Lunchbox is prepared for you!

——- Main tasks
1. Open space
– Edward @Edward will lead a topic talking about 【GMBA AA and coming events】. You may join him and share your experience if you have ever participated in the past GMBA AA events.

GMBA AA Open Space Session by: 台灣大學GMBA校友會 理事長 王德鼎 Edward Wang; Vice President of Legals Stella Chang

Today, GMBA AA has recruited 20 new members in the Orentation Event. GMBA AA also sponsored the afternoon Tea Snacks of this the Orentation Event.  We look forward to building a stronger GMBA brand together with the current Students alumni with coordination with Student Council and GMBA Office.


– We also invited Watz @Watz in Taiwan to talk about his internship experience as an international student. He will co-lead a topic about 【Career/Internship】 with Prof. Charles. Some of you have consulted with Prof. Charles during IMP over your career path at that time or even got an offer through his help. Feel free to join that topic.
– Tema & Sandy will talk about 【Coming events organized by SC】. You may join them.
– Michael & Lorraine are introducing【SC organization structure and election mechanism】to new students. You may join them.
– Kohei & Gabriel will focus on 【Dragonboat competition & various GMBA student clubs】. You may join them, too.

2. Welcome dinner
When Orientation is end, please walk with your group of new students to the restaurant and sit together. It is not mandatory for new students and we will learn their availability to the dinner in advance.




September 4, 2022
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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