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Clash of The Classes: NTU GMBA Basketball Tournament

November 27, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Dear GMBA Ballers,

Sorry to Keep you waiting,  WE ARE BACK!

NTU GMBA Clash of The Classes Basketball Tournament!!!

Due to Previous COVID safety protocol, half a year later, we are Finally Back w/ a couple lbs.

📍NTU Sports Center
🗓2021/11/27 (Saturday)
🕐1:00-6:00 PM


Registration fee for each player will be NT$1,000, which includes:

  • NTU GMBA Customized reversible jersey with name & number (for you to keep; can re-wear)
  • Indoor Full Court rental @ NTU Sport Center
  • Memorable trophies
  • Winning cups
  • Official refs
  • Official score keepers
  • Photographer

Sign up link before 11/05 :

NTU GMBA Clash of the classes Basketball tournament (google.com)

Game Guidelines:

  • Everyone Plays, every team player must play at least one quarter in each game. (injuries excluded)
  • We are all GMBA-family, compete to win; but PLEASE take it easy on each other, this isn’t the NBA Finals.
  • All participating players must upload file of either a prof of vaccination OR a Negative Covid-19 fast screen result with NTU student ID in one image via link.  https://forms.gle/683nLo32EvbdVfxF7


Game Format:

  • 40 Minutes running clock: 10 minutes per quarter, 4 quarters •  24 second shot clock resets to 14 seconds on all defensive violations, fouls, kicked ball. Only on a jump ball not caused by the defense, shot clock resets to 14 second
  • The game clock stops on any dead ball during the final 2 minutes of regulation if the competing teams are within 8 points or less of one another.
  • Each team will receive a 3 minute warm-up time before the start of each game.
  • If the competition schedule becomes more than 15 minutes behind, this 3 minute warm-up may be eliminated.
  • Halftime is only 1 minute if we are behind schedule, 3 minutes if we are on schedule.
  • Clock stops only in the final 1 minute of each quarter and the final 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.
  • 2 timeouts per game, 1 each half, no timeouts awarded for overtime OT •  Each timeout and quarter break is 24 seconds; run the shot clock during these.

Rules & Regulations
•  Team that wins opening tip gets ball in 1st and 4th quarters. If timeout called before advancing ball, advance ball to half court for in-bound. Advance-to-half court for timeouts is only applicable in the final 2:00 of 4th+OT.
•  Can only pass into backcourt from out-of-bounds with 2:00 remaining in 4th.
•  All violations result in taking the ball out from the side, free-throw line extended.
•  8 seconds to cross half court (use shot clock as your guide — 0:16).
•  5 fouls per quarter results in double-bonus (2 FTs).
•  Unsportsmanlike conduct technical fouls do not count as a personal foul.
•  5 personal fouls and/or 1 technical fouls for disqualification.
•  If 5th available man fouls out, he remains in the game and technical FT is issued, shoot 2 FTs plus get possession.
•  Clear-path foul = not a technical, but shoot 2 FTs plus get possession.
•  Timeout called without any remaining is a team technical plus loss of possession.
•  In the case of a tie-game, 1 three-minute extra period will be played. If a tie remains after this period, double over-time sudden death (next basket wins).
•  Profanity, racism, sexism, discrimination, heckling, and insults are not condoned and will be dealt with accordingly. The alumni association reserves the right to warn, suspend, or expel players from the games and from the games based on behavior at any-time.
•  If a player accrues 2 technical fouls, he/she will be disqualified from the tournament completely. Unless, the technical foul acquired is a result of accruing more than 5 fouls in a contest.
•  All rules are subject to interpretation by referees and GMBA alumni association staff on-site.


We would like to thank our GMBA Alumni Association & our sponsors for kindly sponsoring this wonderful event.

Let’s Play Ball !!!



November 27, 2021
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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