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GMBA Policy Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Equity

September 27, 2023

Sharing Link from GMBA Office:


Here at GMBA Alumni Association, as we represent alumni (products) NTU GMBA, we set high standards for ourselves.

Hence, if you felt offended, or encounter any types of harassments, it should not be tolerated, feel free to reach out the the following official links.


On Campus Safety and Emergency Assistance:

For urgent situations such as medical emergencies requiring an ambulance or fire-related incidents, please dial 119 or 110 first to ensure swift emergency response.

The other hotlines on campus include:

1. Garrison Police Force 24-hour hotline: 02-33669110 (Campus emergency reporting hotline)
2. Campus Safety Center 24-hour hotline: 02-33669119 (Student emergency assistance)
3. NTU Student Counseling Center : 02-33662181


Off Campus Assistance: 

Please Dial 「113」 for any protections related inquires .
Therefore, when you encounter sexual harassment, you must be brave enough to stop it and say no. When you are sexually harassed, you can use the following resources or principles to deal with it. If you have any questions during the processing, you can directly dial the “113” 24-hour protection hotline to provide you with professional assistance.


and dial 『112』for any on line 24 hour consulting.



Sexual Harassment Prevention Law Consultation Hotline

For inquiries about the Sexual Harassment Prevention and Control Act, please dial 1999, extension 3365 or 4553.





September 27, 2023

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