Product Manager:

The Product Manager works closely with EIRs to bring startup concepts through validation and product-market fit. This involves:

  • Segmenting, identifying, and engaging with high expectation customers
  • Developing a product vision and prioritizing the minimum features that will achieve an emotional response
  • Aligning the EIR, engineers, and other stakeholders to build, price, iterate, and roadmap the product
  • Analyzing the competition to maintain a unique value proposition

Some characteristics of an ideal candidate for this role:

  • Demonstrated ability to iterate to product-market fit in a startup context
  • Ability to make tradeoffs, understanding that “everything to everyone” almost never results in growth
  • Familiarity with the USA market, consumers, and business models
  • Understanding of unit economics, especially why CAC payback is especially important right now
  • A passion for health and wellness – helping people optimize how they feel and perform
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese

About Elmntri:

Elmntri is a brand new venture studio. We build growth startups from Taiwan for the USA market, targeting consumers that care about health, wellness, and performance. We’re backed by top investors, and led by founders who’ve done it before.

Please apply here:

Forwarded by fellow GMBAer: Marie Andersson


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