On 8/12/2022, NTU GMBA Alumni Association Conducted our Official Year 2022 Cabinet Member Meeting 社團法人:台灣大學GMBA校友會  理監事會議 held by our 理事長王德鼎 Aggregate Association President, Edward Wang R96 along with 7 of our very important Vice Presidents (理監事), including: Joseph SunIvan LiuSally KoCherry HsuKai ShangKaren Chang, and Samuel Krushnisky accompanied by our executive associate Ethan Chen and our legal guest/ alumni, Brandon Wu @ Texas Road House.

We also invited GMBA Alumni Association Honorary Advisor: Director Audrey Hsu to give us some advices on how the Alumni Association should proceed further on growing our GMBA brand together collaborating with GMBA SC and GMBA Office.  We look forward to safely conduct many up coming events now COVID situation seem to be more stabilized island wide.

  • On 9/3 Mike Tam GMBA Golf Ambassador, will host a Sun City Golf Tournament. GMBA AA will be contributing some medals to promote GMBA alumni/ students to participate more in GMBA related activities.
  • On this day 9/3, Helen Sun President from GMBA SC will also lead another GMBA squad to swim across Sun Moon Lake.
  • On 9/4 GMBA office will conduct the GMBA Freshmen Orientation
  • On 9/17 GMBA Office & SC will have the Welcome back Party
  • Between August ~ October, we have our Mentors and SC-Support Group connecting different batches of GMBA-ers/ alumni together.
  • On 10/1, GMBA AA look forward to collaborate with GMBA SC to co-host a beach cleaning event in Northern Taiwan. It will be free for GMBA AA members and cabinets to join and will be 500NT for guest to join to enjoy a dinner event after the beach cleaning event.
  • On 10/15 GMBA Golf team will be participating in the annual NTU Golf Cup, we will have our own team to represent our program.
  • On 10/29 we have our annual UNITY BALL presented to you by our SC team.
  • On 11/26 GMBA AA will be conducting our annual “Clash of the Classes Basketball Tournament”
  • In December GMBA Basketball team will Competing in the NTU EMBA Presidential Cup to better represent our program.
  • In December GMBA also look forward to collaborate with SC and GMBA office for a Christmas gathering event.



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